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- Artificial eyes (ocular prostheses)
- Scleral shells (shell covering a blind eye)
- Therapeutic conformers
- Symblepheron rings
- Surgical conformers and templets
The patient is custom fitted with a clear acrylic conformer.
This helps ensure that your first artificial eye will continue to fit well and look good for the longest possible time.
This visit lasts about one hour.
The shape of prosthesis is sculpted for the very best fit, comfort and aesthetic result.
This visit lasts 2-3 hours.
The patient "models" while color is added to the prosthesis, matching it exactly to the fellow eye. This visit lasts 2 hours.
The patient is shown insertion and removal of their new prosthesis.
The prosthesis is checked for comfort and aesthetic match.
This visit lasts one hour.
L&B Laboratories, INC Founded in 1957
1010 Common Street, Suite 2010 New Orleans, LA 70112 For new patients, we typically require four (or more) visits to complete their prosthesis/shell: For any questions or to schedule an appointment please call : 1-800-940-9513 Below you will find a list of resources and useful information. 504.522.2354
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